• White Russian Cocktail

    The White Russian is a drink everyone should know. Neither drink is Russian in origin, but both are so named due to vodka being the primary ingredient. It’s a simple, creamy vodka mixed drink with a nice coffee flavor that makes a great after dinner sipper.

  • Xmas cake

    Prepare this fruit cake in advance and feed it regularly with rum, brandy or whisky to build the flavour and keep it moist. This is truly the best Christmas cake ever!

  • Mini chocolate cheesecake

    Looking for the perfect dessert to impress your guests in your next party? The answer is definitely these Mini No-Bake Chocolate Cheesecakes! Start with a simple chocolate cookie crust and then fill with a wonderfully simple no-bake chocolate cheesecake filling, these mini cheesecakes have such a wonderful taste and silky creamy texture.

  • Miang Khum (Thai Betel Leaf Parcels)

    Mieng Kham or Thai betel leaf parcels is a great and tasty snack or starter for your party! Bring on the tropical spicy flavours! The article and photos were produced exclusively for Dep Magazine December 2014 issue.

  • Tuna and Bean Salad


  • Eggs in Purgatory (Uova in Purgatorio)

    This is a classic Italian recipe which has wonderful flavors. It is erfect for breakfast or a quick lunch at home. You can easily source ingredients for this recipe from any supermarket. We like to use fresh tomatoes, but the canned ones are fine too! The article and photos were produced exclusively for Dep Magazine November 2014 issue.

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Cinnamon Apple cake

This is one cake that is moist, looks amazing and flavored with cinnamon and apples. Cinnamon Apple cake is so delicious as a dessert or as a breakfast cake. You wiill definitely make this again.

Yule chocolate log cake

Cream Cheese Spritz Cookies

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