Introducing a new baking class English treats by Carmel

From September 2014, Kitchen Art is proud to present a series of Baking Classes English treats by Carmel at our very own Kitchen Art Studio.


Sometimes it’s hard to pick just one dessert. Some want to perfect their Traditional English Scones, others want to master the Victoria Sponge cake, but if you prefer a little taste of everything,  we have something for you too! In three hours with us, you can make your very own assortment of English Pastries and Desserts in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

In this class, the focus is on creating English treats with a modern/tendance twist but of course still preserving all the delicious flavors.

Led by the Chef Carmel, you will work with your classmates, discover English food culture through a hands-on baking class and learn recipes that you can recreate at home. If the English treats leaves you feeling inspired, check out these baking courses at Kitchen Art Studio!

Introducing our new instructor Carmel Presley:

Her mum was a great baker: she baked almost every day so as to feed the family of 8.  She made fresh soda bread, scones and an apple tart to help ‘fill us up’.  At the weekends, she would then make a fruit loaf or a coffee cream sponge in case we had visitors.  Naturally, as one of four daughters, I started baking from an early age.  

When Ms. Carmel left home at 17, moving first to Belgium she discovered all the delicious Belgian treats.   Then she went on to Paris where she worked in one of the biggest 5* hotels, The Sheraton Montparnasse and was amazed by all the wonderful French patisserie.  

Much later, she worked in the British Embassy, Riyadh, preparing menus and ideas for many high-profile visitors.   

Today, she bake very simple cakes which are easy to make but taste delicious and are definitely ‘home made’.  She think that people’s tastes are changing and they much prefer something that is made with wholesome fresh ingredients.  There is a great sense of satisfaction in creating a cake, that not only looks special but tastes divine that your friends and family can tuck into!

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